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Air Domes



What kind of pool building is Multidome...?
Fully telescopic, the building retracts to a single (2.1m) bay, gliding smoothly on low profile rails. The hinged door simply lifts off and the whole end can be easily removed.

The frame is constructed in high quality, powder- coated aluminium in a silver colour and the roof walls, are of twin wall UV filter coated polycarbonate, with a drip resistant interior. They are produced in the largest roof factory in the EC and meet various international standards including TUV and ISO 9001.

By producing in kit form in 3 sizes, we provide an extremely high quality precision enclosure at an exceptionally low price. Everything comes in a box (even special tools) with clear easy to follow instructions. MultiDome kits can be installed in only a few hours by anyone with practical ability, or you can avail yourself of our installation service.
The range of Multidome covers are AFNOR Approved

Multidome  1

Multidome 1

Price: 5,007.00(5,758.05) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: mult1

Multidome 2

Multidome 2

Price: 7,498.80(8,623.62) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: mult2

Multidome 3

Multidome 3

Price: 10,464.00(12,033.60) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: multi3

the surrey

the surrey

The Surrey Pavilion

This style of Air Dome has the opaque lacquered white walls with the curved ceiling. Included in this design are clear shaped windows, the number depending on the size of dome. This design balances the light and thermal efficiency whilst creating the appearance of a permanent building. While at the same time offereing a degree of privacy.

Please use the drop down list to select a dome of your choice and calculate the price. The price shown includes delivery but not installation. This can be arranged if required

The Surrey Pavilion  Air Dome Structure

The Surrey Pavilion Air Dome Structure

Ref: 032000000